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'Fast Quote Car Hire' giving you competitive choice to the UK car rental market. Our dedicated reservation staff will answer your queries - don't worry, we have been asked it all - questions such as 'will our two large suitcases fit into the boot of this car?'' to 'can I rent a car to transport my two Labrador dogs!?'. So whatever concerns that you want to ask about your car rental, contact our helpful car rental reservations staff.

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Insurance Excess can be reduced - as an extra option - when you rent a car . At the moment zero excess cannot be given with minibus rental - the excess remains £500 on minibus rental at all times. Drivers from 21 yrs can hire a car through 'Fast Quote Car Hire'.

Cambridge car rental can be booked via our secure booking pages. Book a Low cost self drive car on line for another driver to be delivered to a home or business address in Cambridge. The driver of the self drive car must sign the car rental agreement and has to produce their driving licence plus one other form of identification - e.g a gas, electricity or landline telephone bill. If you do not opt for zero excess, the Driver of the hire vehicle will have to produce a credit card with his name on it to cover the insurance excess for the duration of the rental. The university town of Cambridge is in the county of Cambridgeshire, England.

Cambridge is at close proximity of Oakington, Impington, Milton, Bar Hill, Barton, and Sawston. Because of its rapid growth in the twentieth century, Cambridge tends to have congested roads. For this reason it has a well developed bus service including five Park and Ride sites, all of which operate seven days a week.

Several major roads intersect at Cambridge, including the A603 and the A1303. The city also has a ring road, the A1134, which is about a mile and a half in diameter. Skirting the northern edge of the town is the A14. This is a major route that connects the east coast seaside resort town of Felixstowe with the Midlands, North Wales, and Ireland. Cambridge is at close proximity of the M11 motorway, which terminates nearby. Drive down the M11 to get to Stansted Airport for international travel. For a peaceful day out a take the A603 to Bedford for Priory Country Park or the A10 to Hertford for the grounds of Hertford Castle.

When visiting Cambridge you may consider renting from our fleet of rental vehicles that include everything from economy cars to mini buses and vans. Our instant quotes provide daily and weekly rates for Cambridge hire, with no hidden surcharges or surprises.

Planning foreign travel and require a self drive car from Cambridge across the channel into Europe? - This can be organised as long as you bring the self drive car back to UK! A surcharge would apply, but we can arrange for you to drive a self drive car to any country in Europe not including Bosnia, Greece or Croatia on a two way basis only. We are unable to arrange one way car rental to another country, outside UK.

One way car rental from Cambridgeshire to Plymouth, Swansea to Cambridgeshire or any location in Scotland to Cambridge, we can arrange your car rental to be one way between any UK car rentaldepots, or have your self drive car delivered to your home or business address.

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