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'Fast Quote Car Hire' - total UK coverage, instant car rental or minibus rental quote, secure on line booking and reliable reservations staff. A totally flexible approach to car rental throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

  • Cheap car rental

  • Discount minibus rental

  • Zero Excess residential for car rental

  • Minimum age 21 years on all self drive car our rates

  • Car Hire Taunton or from any business or residential address in Somerset

  • Taunton minibus rental Somerset - we can arrange residential or business address pick up and return

'Fast Quote Car Hire' giving you competitive choice to the UK car rental market. Our dedicated reservation staff will answer your queries - fear not, we have been asked it all - questions such as is an economy car comfortable enough for motorway travel?' to 'If I fold the rear seats down, will my surfboard fit in?'. So whatever concerns that you require advice about your car rental, contact our reliable car rental reservations staff.

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Zero excess can be selected for rental cars. Unfortunately zero excess cannot be given with minibus rental - the excess remains £500 on minibus rental at all times. Young drivers as young as 21 years can rent a car through 'Fast Quote Car Hire'.

Taunton car rental can be booked online over our secure server. Book a Discount self drive car on line for another driver to be delivered to a residential or business address in Taunton. The driver of the self drive car must sign the car rental agreement and has to produce their driving licence plus one other form of identification - e.g a valid passport. In the case of an insurance excess being selected, the Driver of the rental car must hold the excess on a credit card with his/her name on.

For those who want to take a self drive car from Taunton out of UK? - This can be organised as long as you bring the self drive car back to UK! There is an additional charge, but we can arrange for you to drive a self drive car to any country in Europe excluding Greece, Bosnia and Croatia on a two way basis only. We are unable to arrange one way car rental to another country, outside UK.

One way car rental from Somerset to Plymouth, Coventry to Somerset or a home or office location across mainland UK to Taunton, we can arrange your car rental to be one way between any UK car rentaldepots, or have your self drive car delivered to your residential or business address.

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